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In order to be eligible to accept a bid from a fraternity chapter, you must submit the IFC Recruitment Registration and Academic Release Form so that you can be confirmed as academically eligible. Per the Bylaws of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute InterFraternity Council, "All Potential New Members are required to give approval for the release of their academic standing to the IFC and the Student Activities Office (SAO)."

If you receive an error message from Techsync that you are not able to submit this form, log into Techsync first and then try again. If that does not work, you can find the IFC Recruitment Registration and Academic Release Form on the Techsync homepage under the yellow banner that says "Interested in Fraternity or Sorority Recruitment?"

What is a Fraternity?

A Fraternity is founded on the principles of scholarship, leadership, and community service. In addition to developing leadership skills, attending social events, and serving the community, being in a fraternity is about forging friendships that will last far beyond the college years.

How can a Fraternity Benefit me?

  • Academic support and excellence: Our fraternities and sororities pride themselves on academic success. Whether you need help choosing a major, applying for scholarships, or sharpening your study skills, your fellow chapter members are always there to offer support and advice.

  • Community service experience: Members of WPI’s Greek community perform thousands of hours of community service every year by volunteering in homeless shelters, tutoring kids in local schools, cleaning up trash in local neighborhoods, and more.

  • Leadership and personal development: From serving in a new member office or representing your chapter on a governance council to serving as chapter president, the confidence and skills you’ll develop as a fraternity or sorority member will help prepare you for the professional world.

  • Lifelong friends and community building: As a member of the Greek community, you’ll connect with people from all different backgrounds who will become your closest friends—friends who will congratulate you when you succeed, support you when you falter, and remain with you long after WPI.

  • Networking and alumni involvement: Chapter alumni are eager to help their fellow members, whether by serving as career advisors or trusted mentors. With many opportunities to interact with your chapter’s alumni, you’ll be part of a beneficial network that could lead to your next internship, summer job, or professional career.



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